In line with STR DENT's mission and vision, by hiring qualified manpower, it is to ensure that employees can be effective and productive and to create a harmonious work environment in this direction.

With this understanding, STR DENT has adopted the principle of having employees who are open to training and development, with high motivation and corporate loyalty, with up-to-date and human-oriented Human Resources practices.

Keeping personnel productivity and effectiveness at the highest level, providing personal development (career making) opportunity to all personnel with an effective training plan and program, keeping the morale and motivation of personnel at all levels at the highest level, protecting and improving the material and moral rights of personnel, open communication to create a stable and peaceful working environment where employees can adopt and live the company values.


Str Dent, which has broken new ground in the private clinic and hospital sector, which sets international quality standards in health, is waiting for you.

  • Those who want to improve themselves and have a good career with vocational training during their working period;
  • High school or college graduate,
  • Open to development and learning,
  • with future goals,
  • Strong written and verbal communication,
  • Follower, fast and dynamic,
  • Smiling,
  • We welcome applications from NEW GRADUATE CANDIDATES who believe in teamwork. 

For your general applications, please fill in the Job Application Form. All applications made through this site are only seen and evaluated by Str Dent on a confidential basis.


Students who are entitled to internship at STR DENT are responsible for complying with the following rules when they start their internship:

  • Internship start and end dates, according to internship application forms; The internship period will be determined by considering the quota of the departments where the internship will be done and the date they are available. The internship will continue under the responsibility of the department manager. Internship evaluation forms will be delivered to the department manager two days before the end of the internship. The form filled in by the manager will be sent confidentially to the Human Resources officials. After the final signature and stamps are completed; will be given to the intern by hand in a sealed envelope. Care will be taken to fill the internship notebooks during the internship period. The notebook will be completed two days before the end of the internship and delivered to the department manager. Documents, information, projects, reports and materials that may be considered objectionable to be taken out of STR DENT should not be included in the internship book. In such cases, the department manager will not sign the internship book. Interns, department employees, patient information, contracted institutions, service providers, medical, commercial, financial, institutional, personal, etc. that may be against the institution related to STR DENT. is obliged to keep all kinds of information and secrets and not to disclose them. Interns should not communicate with patients and their relatives on any subject other than the task assigned to them by STR DENT. Interns are obliged to comply with the “STR DENT Dress Codes”. Intern students will wear the ID cards given to them within STR DENT during the working hours and will deliver them to the Personnel Management unit together with their PDKS temporary cards on the end of the internship. On the last day of the internship period, the intern will go to the Human Resources department, which is the responsible department, and fill out the "Internship Evaluation Form" by completing the necessary final signatures and stamps in the internship book. Students who start their internship at STR DENT are deemed to have accepted these rules written above.