Restorative Dentistry

What is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry is the repair and treatment of dental hard tissue loss caused by caries or non-carious reasons. It is a dental treatment that restores the aesthetic and functional loss of the patient.

The treatment applied to obtain an aesthetically beautiful smile is called “restorative dentistry”. Every person has personal aesthetic expectations. In addition to its aesthetic qualities, it creates a positive image when combined with health and naturalness. The arrangement and appearance between the teeth, the structure of the soft tissue surrounding the teeth and the characteristic structure of the patient's facial expression form a whole. For this reason, we want a natural and beautiful appearance for the details that adapt to the facial features as a result of the meticulous work of dentists and technicians. Obtaining the desired tooth structure properties, tooth color, removal of tartar, surface cleaning are important elements in restorative dentistry. For this reason, it should be completed under the guidance of specialist dentists and experienced technicians. Department of Restorative Dentistry, It is a specialty that aims to diagnose structural disorders of dental tissues resulting from developmental or acquired disorders and to restore lost anatomy, function and aesthetics in teeth by treating these disorders with surgical applications. In our department, studies are carried out in the fields of caries science, preventive dentistry, surgical or restorative dentistry and aesthetic dentistry. In our clinic, fillings, inlays and onlays, laminar venereal restorations, fiber-post/core applications are used to eliminate caries or dental disorders using modern knowledge and technology. It is performed by specialist physicians for any reason, in order to treat the tissue and shape deviations of the teeth and to restore the functionality and aesthetics of the teeth. In addition, within the scope of preventive dentistry, we offer caries risk assessment and preventive measures, as well as interventional measures that eliminate tooth sensitivity and bad breath. In the field of aesthetic dentistry, home or office-style teeth whitening procedures with discoloration of live or dead teeth are applied to treat tooth discoloration. Corrective measures are applied in order to give our patients more aesthetic and healthy smiles regarding smile line analysis and placement.

Who Can Prefer Restorative Dentistry?

All ages, professions and genders can easily choose. Restorative dentistry can also be applied to children and the elderly. The products used in restoration are biocompatible materials that give an aesthetic appearance and never harm the teeth. Thanks to the biocompatible materials used, the loss of the hard surface of the tooth caused by various reasons is treated, and a pleasant appearance and a beautiful smile are obtained. The biocompatibility of the materials used allows restorative dentistry to be easily applied to the elderly (65 years and older) and even to cancer patients.

What is Restorative Dental Filling?

Restorative dental fillings are tooth-colored white fillings. The gray-black color and caries-preventing shape of the amalgam filling have made the restorative dental filling, also called aesthetic filling, more preferable. Aesthetic fillings, which give an aesthetic appearance to the tooth where they are placed due to their white color, are much longer lasting and much healthier than amalgam fillings because they are biocompatible.O que é Obturação Dentária Restauradora?

Another type of filling is porcelain fillings. While composite fillings are recommended for anterior teeth, porcelain fillings are preferred for posterior teeth as they can withstand hard structures such as tooth enamel and bite force. Aesthetic anterior fillings, namely bonding, are frequently used to lengthen teeth or to close unwanted gaps.

One application in restorative dentistry is teeth whitening. It is a treatment method applied to remove the discoloration of the teeth and to give the teeth a whiter appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of treatments are used in restorative dental treatment?

Many techniques are used in restorative dentistry. Direct or indirect composite applications, porcelain aesthetic studies, smile design, tooth whitening, dentin sensitivity treatment, vital pulp treatment, pre-prosthetic restorations are performed.

Does restorative dental treatment fill?

This treatment method is usually short-term and can be done in a single session. Your dentist chooses a filling from a variety of filling types and places it according to the structure and size of the cavity.

What are the prices of restorative dental treatment?

If you are also complaining about missing teeth and want to remove the cavities in your teeth with restorative dentistry methods, you are sure to be at the right address. By contacting our dental clinic in Istanbul, you can meet with our experienced restorative dental treatment specialists, learn the most suitable restorative dental treatment prices in detail and make an appointment immediately.