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Dental Filling

Dental fillings are made to restore the function of decayed and damaged teeth. Doctor; It removes decayed tooth tissue before filling the tooth. The tooth is then filled with a filling. The purpose of the filling is to prevent the progression of the caries by closing the gaps. There are several types of fillers. For those who are looking for an answer to the question of why a tooth filling is made, briefly dental filling; It is the filling of teeth that have lost their chewing ability, look unaesthetic, cracked or decayed with different materials. Filling is required when previous filling treatment has fallen and worn away. If the pulp inside the tooth is damaged and does not heal, it is inevitable to fill the canal. Filling is called a technique performed in cases other than tooth frames and fractures.

How Tooth Filling Applied?

First, the dentist cleans the decayed tooth. The tooth is cleaned from caries and residues and a filling is made. During the filling process, local anesthesia is used so that the patient does not feel pain. In local anesthesia, the procedure is performed by numbing the area to be filled. Regardless of the severity of the filling material chosen by the patient, the doctor easily prepares and places it. After the necessary cleaning is done, a broken, rotten or damaged space remains in the tooth. The rest is filled according to the structure and shape of this tooth. Doctors use it in special medical devices to freeze the filling as soon as possible according to the selected material. After the filling is done, the patient is asked to open and close his mouth and it is checked whether there is a problem. If a problem occurs, it is corrected by shortening or cutting it. After all the checks are done, the tooth will return to its former function. The filling time may not be the same for each patient's tooth. The duration varies depending on many factors such as which tooth is filled in the mouth, which materials are used, and the number of fillings. The duration of the session is also determined according to the purpose of giving the filling to the patient. Along with the session and root canal treatment, the filling process directly affects the duration. The doctor's preparation of the materials used in the filling also affects the time. All these processes affect the duration of dental fillings and do not determine a clear period.

Dental Filling Types

In ancient times, dental fillings were used as 1-2 substances. A wide variety of aggregates are available today. The most commonly used dental fillings by patients;

  • gold fillings; It is produced in a laboratory environment according to individual orders.
  • Composite fillers; It provides a natural option for use in the same tone as the tooth and is often used.
  • porcelain fillings; Despite its high price, it is very popular due to its color fastness.
  • Amalgam fillings; Although it is not popular today, it is called silver filling. It is a type of filler produced by mixing elements such as mercury, copper and tin. One of the downsides is that it has a gray metallic finish. Resistance to chewing force is also often preferred.


Composite filling advantages and disadvantages;

The biggest advantage of these fillings is that they are aesthetic. In addition, since these fillings adhere well to the teeth, they support the dental tissues, prevent breakage and heat transfer. Composite materials can change the color and shape of the teeth, restoring not only caries, but also cosmetic effects. The main disadvantage is post-process sensitivity. Colors of fillings may change slightly due to colored foods such as coffee and tea. Warnings for patients after composite restorations;

  • Polishing can now be done in the same session with composite materials, but it is much better to call the patient for re-examination and make the necessary corrections in serial fillings made on very large or several teeth.
  • With these materials, very large losses in the front teeth can be eliminated, so it is useful to explain that taking care while biting extends the life of these fillings.
  • It is recommended that more attention should be paid to teeth restored with toothpaste.
  • It can be ensured that the patient knows how to correct toothbrushes and brushing methods that are not too heavy for the patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do dental fillings break?

Dental fillings are suitable for use for many years, as long as attention is paid to general oral hygiene, and very hard foods are not consumed.

What are the dental filling prices?

Tooth filling prices may vary depending on the number of teeth to be made, the title of the physician who will do it, the clinic and the materials. You can get the net price information after the inspection.

Who can have dental fillings?

Being examined by a physician will be enough to get detailed information about whether the filling is an appropriate treatment for you.